My goal is to raise £1 per km cycled over the ~750km route. Any amount donated will be greatly appreciated, and going to a good cause. If you feel like donating a little more then check out the Day Sponsors and Challenge Sponsors sections below.

All donations go through the JustGiving page.


Challenge Sponsors – propose challenges for me to complete during my trip! The greater the challenge, the greater the funds raised. Get creative people! To propose challenges contact me through my Facebook page.

Only 1 Challenge received so far – to be released during the week before I leave.


Day Sponsors – Sponsor a whole day’s cycling to help get me through. These will get me through those really tough climbing days, and I’ll push even harder on those long flat ones. To see the elevation profiles go here.

Day 1- Bilbao to Zuhatzu Kuartango: £60
Day 2 – Zuhatzu Kuartango to Castanares de Rioja: £50
Day 3 – Castanares de Rioja to Ezcaray: £25
Day 4 (the hardest day by far) – Ezcaray to Quintanar de la Sierra: £70
Day 5 – Quintanar de la Sierra to Soria: £85
Day 6 – Soria to Abanto: £105
Day 7 – Abanto to Teruel: £115
Day 8 – Teruel to Puebla de San Miguel Natural Park: £60
Day 9 – Puebla de San Miguel Natural Park to Chelva: £55
Day 10 – Chelva to Chera-Sot de Chera Natural Park: £40
Day 11 – Chera-Sot de Chera Natural Park to Valencia: £50



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